DPMM FC rocked by questionable refereeing

|     Fadhil Yunus     |

DPMM FC were rocked with the state of refereeing with a penalty appeal turned down the latest incident in a line of questionable calls during their Great Eastern-Hyundai S League clash against Home United FC at the Hassanal Bolkiah National Stadium on Friday.

DPMM FC head coach Steve Kean has praised the efforts of his players calling the key decision which went against them a “massive psychological blow”.

“I thought our performance was excellent. People who weren’t at the game will look and see the result and think that we lost the game and we didn’t play well,” said Kean in a post-match interview.

“I am delighted with the application and their attention to the organisation. If anybody was here, they know why the result the way it is because I have never seen so many poor decisions in one match.”

The referee also failed to send off defender Hazwan Hamzah despite issuing him a second yellow card and allowed the player to stay on the pitch before realising his error.

“The terrible thing which is a massive psychological blow to our players was the penalty decision that we should’ve get we don’t get and then they have a counter-attack and score.”

“It is a two-goal decision and that goes against us again,” the former Blackburn Rovers FC manager stressed.

The head coach highlighted that there should be an end to questionable decisions especially when it affected the players who were working hard to attain a result.

“The referee’s job is hard and I always respect how hard it is. But we can’t keep on getting decisions that goes against us and cost us goals and games,” he further added.

“It’s unfair on the players because we’ve put enough into the game to draw.

“I’ve just spoken to their coach and they apologised. We can’t have the opposition technical staff apologising for the performance of the referee.

“It has happened against us time and time against us this season and it’s not an excuse. It’s a fact,” he continued.

Meanwhile, Kean’s opposite number Home United Aidil Sharin revealed that it was not an easy game despite the score-line.

“It is a tough game. It’s not easy because we know DPMM FC have good players with Ramazotti. It was not going to be easy but the boys worked very hard,” he said in his post-match interview.

“They make it happen to get the three points. That’s our objective to come here.”

Asked on his exciting attacking threat with the triumvirate of Sirina Camara, Stipe Plazibat and Faris Ramli, he replied that he has studied how to stifle the DPMM FC defence.

“We studied the DPMM FC game and we knew how to exploit and how to win games so this is where I need Camara on the left side and Faris behind the striker.”

“This is where we make the opponents confused and credit have to go to the players because they worked to the plan,” the head coach concluded.