Develop a website for Brunei suppliers

RECENTLY, a friend was looking for lemongrass green tea on the Internet. We did a Google search and found it on a site which gave an exhaustive list of Malaysian suppliers and their products in various categories. It also provided links to the suppliers’ social media pages or personal websites. It was while browsing about there that I wondered, why not set up a similar website for local suppliers?

The i-Centre technopreneurs and the Young Entrepreneurs Association of Brunei Darussalam (YEAB) members should be able to achieve this quite easily, while providing links to web portals under the Ministry of Energy and Industry and the Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism.

With the simple click of a mouse, customers can access the listed companies on their social media pages, or direct queries to either of the two ministries.

Product listing on websites is a simple, yet efficient way of promoting our locally-made snacks, processed food, Halal products, handicrafts and rice on the international market.

Everyone keeps talking about coffee produced in Sabah and Limbang, for instance, without realising that Brunei has its own brand of coffee which is grown and packaged in Tutong.

Another way of getting the word out is to list Brunei suppliers on an existing website such as Recently, I searched for Brunei Halal products there and came up empty. What a shame, as this website is readily accessible to a worldwide community, including one billion potential customers from China.

– Good Karma