Create exclusive zones for food businesses

THE Bandar Seri Begawan Municipal Board should try harder to segregate restaurants from other businesses.

This is essential to ensure a hygienic atmosphere in and around the eateries.

In some areas, one can see a processing unit and many restaurants operating just opposite some car workshops.

When they repair cars, dust will get into the restaurants, spoiling the food customers are eating. It’s a highly unhygienic and unhealthy situation.

In other commercial complexes, some restaurants are functioning in the same block where pest control and chemical businesses, hardware shops selling paints and solvents, car wash businesses, etc are situated.

When the cars are washed, the filthy dust gets accumulated on the floor and walls of the building which also houses restaurants.

A pest control company used to park its chemical trucks in front of restaurants.

Now they park them at the back which is actually worse as the restaurant kitchens are located at the back of the shops.

In my opinion, it is better to reserve one whole row of the complexes exclusively for food business, instead of allowing other business to function near eateries – for the health of Bruneians.

– Claude Louis