Cosmetic products face approval woes

I AM involved in online selling in Brunei Darussalam. I would like to know whether permit or approval is needed to import cosmetics or health supplements to the country.

Recently, the pharmacy department visited a few shops and cubes that sell cosmetic and medical products and took away some of the products saying that they were being sold without permit.

But that is not the issue I want to discuss here. It is actually regarding the application to get such permit to market supplements and cosmetic products. In case of some products, you can’t easily ask for confidential documents such as factory letter.

A friend of mine recently submitted an application with all relevant documents but still it took almost two months for her to receive a feedback; unfortunately it was a decline letter.

The application was rejected just because the labels were not described fully, but details of the test lab results etc were fine. It took nearly two months just to give a ‘negative’ feedback – because of an incomplete label. Can it be justified?

We sell only authentic products and have nothing to hide. Our products are safe to consume as they have excellent lab test results. But rejecting them just because of some minor packaging issues, I must say, is unfair.

– Frustrated