Concerns surface over activities at Kg Sibut abandoned house

|     Noorhamizan Haji Mohd Mosbi     |

THE condition of a block at a Rumah Bahagia dwelling in Kampong Sibut, Mukim Amo, has raised concerns among nearby residents, as it is allegedly being used as a hangout spot for adolescents to engage in undesirable activities.

A resident, who chose to remain anonymous, said the terrace house is able to accommodate four families. The residence is specifically meant to temporarily house the less fortunate Muslim converts while they search for permanent homes.

“We see individuals coming out of the house day and night,” he said.

Meanwhile, a neighbour said the house could be a place for lovers to hang out, and is feared to be a place for drug addicts to carry out activities. Its dirty, unkempt state could also be inviting to snakes and other creatures.

The abandoned house. – NOORHAMIZAN HAJI MOHD MOSBI