Chris Pratt and Anna Faris still live together

CHRIS Pratt and Anna Faris are “still living” together following their split, according to close pal Patti Stanger.

The ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ star and his actress wife – who have four-year-old son Jack together – announced earlier this week they would be legally separating after eight years of marriage, and close pal Patti Stanger has now said she’s “praying” the pair will change their minds as they’re still living under the same roof.

The ‘Millionaire Matchmaker’ star said, “OK, so this is really hard because I’m close to them. I’m upset about it. The day it happened I actually texted them. I don’t know what happened there, [Chris] is still living in the house. Let’s pray it turns around.”

And Patti wants nothing more than to see Chris, 38, and Anna, 40, “get back together”, and has even offered to “be the counsellor” for the pair.

She added, “I want them to get back together. So, I’m not fixing them up – I would just be the counsellor between them and go, ‘What really is the issue here?’ Because she’s living in the house, so someone threw out the curveball, maybe the publicist, I don’t know who … you just don’t really say something when they’re [still] living in the house [together].” – BANG!