Why can’t we make use of smart chips in existing identity cards?

I WOULD like to refer to the news item ‘Newlyweds to get tiny, simple marriage cards’, which was published on May 25, 2017.

I am a married person myself and I am confounded on how the introduction of ‘Nikah’ card is going to help anyone on anything.

At a time when all parties concerned are being more prudent in their spending, especially when it comes to government spending, I found this news most surprising.

As if the current processes of getting married isn’t complicated enough in this country, they have decided to introduce something that adds to the existing complexities of getting or being married.

As a citizen, you don’t need to use your marriage certificate on a regular basis for it to justify bringing in a compact form of it.

I am certain that if there are official matters with the government, they will end up requiring you to bring your full form marriage certificate of it anyway.

Even if the government does need someone to carry all that information all the time, why can’t the information be stored in our identity cards (IC)?

That IC smart chip can hold sufficient amount of information. This is like asking for a plastic bag for each individual item you purchase at the supermarket, it is an example of pure wastage.

I can’t understand why the authorities need to go through the trouble of creating something that does not serve any material purpose.

This is an attitude that troubles me as I see it prevalent in other government agencies as well.

– Family Man & Citizen