Are these buildings abandoned because of poor management?

I AM referring to the writer who wrote about the abandoned buildings in and around Bandar and I want to share a similar situation.

I have been living in my flat for almost 10 years now. There is a flat next door that some say belongs to some elite people that they rented out to the government. It has been vacated for more than a year now. Usually throughout the years some government contractors and JKR people come and maintain the property.

I was told by my other neighbours that the government was renting the place even before I moved in. Because it was left empty, the situation has become worse, with police reports of illegal entry, drug abuse, vandalism, theft and so on. I am concerned with the safety of my family and the residents nearby with the ongoing vice activities that attract criminals there.

The worst-case scenario is that this flat is nearby a few schools and may become a good hiding place for kidnappers and molester, since there was a case that happened inside one of the schools before. The other sad thing is it’s such a waste of money and is poorly managed since it was maintained by the government for ages using government funds. Perhaps the place can be transformed into a low income residential place for low-income people, which would be a good investment and can help address the issue of lack of housing.

We should properly manage government funds and not let it be wasted under poor management.

– The Next Door Neighbour