Brunei Toycon 2017 features nostalgia, model kits and alien monsters

|      James Kon      |

A LIFE-SIZED ‘Alien’ replica, derived from the iconic 1979 sci-fi film, is currently on display at the Brunei Toycon 2017 at the Youth Centre in Bandar Seri Begawan.

The exhibit, which is staged against a backdrop from the classic film, is made by Cityneon Brunei and providing the main attraction of the annual gathering for toy enthusiasts, hosted by the Brunei Hobby Enthusiasts (BHE) group.

Launched yesterday under the theme ‘Blast from the Past’, this latest edition of the Brunei Toycon has brought together several collectors with their nostalgic collectibles of toys and dolls, which are bound to inspire wonderful childhood memories.

The three-day convention also features 10 vendors selling various toys at affordable prices, as well as an exhibit section.

Following the success and popularity of the previous cosplay collaboration in 2015, the Brunei Toycon 2017 is bringing in two cosplay groups to display their props and costumes.

A life-sized Alien on display at the Brunei Toycon. - JAMES KON
A life-sized Alien on display at the Brunei Toycon. – JAMES KON

Visitors will also gather tips on how to play the Pokemon Trading Card Game or Magic the Gathering, thanks to the organisers’ collaboration with Urban Games.

Games and Lattes are also available at the venue, to promote healthy competition and fun board games.

Sponsors have stepped up to provide prizes for the Gunpla car and military model kits contest, where visitors can get to see local modellers and builders in action assembling, modifying and displaying their creations.

Admission is free for the convention, which ends tomorrow.