Android 8.1 will show you which apps are draining your battery

ANDROID version 8.1 will show which apps are hogging your smartphone’s battery, according to reports on

Under the battery settings, the worst power guzzlers will be marked with a red battery symbol, along with reasons for their high power consumption.

For example, it might say that an app is frequently requesting your location, in which case you could choose to turn off the app’s access to GPS.

The new feature should help users to better understand their device’s power consumption and adapt this to their needs.

Android 8.1 is currently available as a developer preview only. The version for the general user will reach Google Pixel smartphones in December.

Other smartphone manufacturers who use the Android OS are likely to take longer to adapt the software for their devices. – Text and Photo by dpa

Which apps are sapping your battery? Android version 8.1, due for release in December, will tell you