‘Karaoke monster’ Amy Adams

JUSTIN Timberlake says his ‘Trouble With The Curve’ co-star Amy Adams is a “karaoke monster”.

The 43-year-old actress’s ‘Trouble With The Curve’ co-star Justin Timberlake quipped that Amy “bullied” him into singing Disney songs with her during filming of the 2012 movie and said she turns into “a whole new person” at karaoke.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Justin said, “Amy Adams is a monster, more specifically a karaoke monster.

“Let the record show that this woman looking all sweet and innocent with the face of an all-American angel turns into a whole new person, a beast in fact, when she gets anywhere near a karaoke machine.”

However, the former star of Disney’s ‘Mickey Mouse Club’ would love to team up again with Amy for karaoke but on one condition.

He said, “Next time, I’m choosing the song because I have a history with Disney. There’s a whole PTSD thing going on.” – BANG!