10 proceed to monthly draw

THE first pre-draw of the ‘Pepsi Bonanza 2017 Lucky Draw’ was held recently at the Kingston Beverage and Creamery Sdn Bhd headquarters office. Media representatives conducted the pre-draw.

One hundred and ten participants were shortlisted, with 10 participants to proceed for the first monthly draw tomorrow; and 100 participants to be directly entitled for the Pepsi Bonanza 2017 Lucky Draw Event, on December 10.

With registration having started since August, the ‘Pepsi Bonanza Lucky Draw Event’ will continue to have two more monthly draws throughout November to December, with the grand draw scheduled to take place on December 10. Each of the monthly draw will feature prizes to be won by the shortlisted participants.

Media representatives conducting the pre-draw for the Pepsi Bonanza 2017 Lucky Draw Event